Artistic Balfour chalkboards being vandalized: A request from SAIL

Wheaton’s community has been one that emphazies respect and appreciation of one and other. That being said, in the weeks before spring break, the Chalk boards in Balfour hood café and the science center café have been defaced.

Students work tirelessly for 5 hours a week to complete these masterpieces that are not only beautiful works of art, but also informative, telling us what events the SAIL office and various on campus clubs have provided for us. Their have also been some incidents with the Expression Zone chalkboards in which students are answering thought-provoking questions in vulgar in and inappropriate ways.

This board has been set up by the SAIL Office to provide a space for students to share their opinions on boards in a way that is enlightening and shows the diversity of the student body. This is not a place for students to write curse words or jokes that can potentially make fun of someone or cause them to feel ashamed.

This is definitely not a place to call people out by name. This kind of behavior is upsetting to those students who work hard on these boards but also to the community as a whole. If you see anyone who is not upholding to the honor code, and are defiling these chalk boards please let the SAIL Office know.