Wheaton Women’s Basketball

As the women’s basketball regular season comes to a close, the team looks back at a season of growth, while also looking forward to their last few games. In the next two weeks, the women’s basketball team plays four games, two of which are against rivals in the NEWMAC conference, as they battle for a spot in the playoffs. With a record of 9-12 overall and 4-9 in the conference, a playoff spot is still a possibility for the team, and they know it’s within reach. When asked about her hopes for the end of the season, guard Karli Retzel ’21 said she wanted to “…keep working and grinding to make each other better each and every day!”

Women’s basketball. Photo by Caroline Chaffiotte.

In the wake of an 83-39 loss to Smith College on Feb. 2, the team is not looking to give up but finish stronger than ever. This season the women’s basketball team has had a better record than the past two seasons, but according to members of the team, this is not the only difference of the season. This years’ season and team, in the words of Retzel ’21, “…feels more exciting and exhilarating. Each game and each practice is competitive and it shows through the noticeable improvements of each of the 12 players.” In last Saturday’s game, Retzel scored seven points, with four rebounds. Forward, Sara McLeman ’20, who was the first person to score in the game against Smith after Smith went on a scoring run of nine points, had a positive outlook on this season, “… we are all genuinely happy to be on the team and we’re happy with the group that we have right now!”

This season, members of the women’s team feel that the team is ready to come to practice with enthusiasm and competitiveness so that they can claim s spot in the playoffs with the few games they have left, “We are always looking to get better each day in every aspect of the game.” McLeman ’20 said. The Wheaton women’s basketball team plans to play a stretch against Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Fisher College, MIT, and Smith. Earlier in the season the Women’s team beat WIP and lost to MIT. Fisher is the only team left that they have not played before. The game against Fisher will celebrate senior players.

Women’s basketball. Photo by Caroline Chaffiotte.

When Retzel ‘21 and McLeman ‘20 were asked about the team’s greatest strengths, both cited the sense of community and friendship that exists between all of the players. “The team works hard every day and we play for each other,” said Retzel ’21. When they step onto the court, whether in practice or a game, it is this sense of community that moves them forward, and it is what will hopefully propel them to the playoffs.