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TRYBE Dance Show Review

TRYBE certainly did not disappoint with their annual gala this past weekend. They celebrated 20 years of dance with a diverse and energetic performance with some guest appearances from other dance groups on campus. The theme for this year’s gala was unity.

Through many distinct dances, TRYBE expressed the importance of harmony and unification. Each dance was choreographed by a different member of the group, which allowed for their personal styles to be represented. It was clear that every dance was put together with love and every dancer truly enjoyed sharing their passion with the Wheaton community.

TRYBE was not the only group that performed. S.O.L.E. (Stomping Out Loud Everytime), Paraíso Latino, and Tap Out Loud made guest appearances and performed with the same spirit and excitement. I think it is safe to say that every Wheaton dance performance is exciting and clearly displays the talent of the students, however, this one in particular, set a new high bar.

The mix of different dance groups, TRYBE alums, current members, and video recordings capturing the work done behind the scenes, created a dynamic and memorable performance. The founding members of TRYBE were honored at the end of the night and the appreciation was evident, not only from the dancers but also the members of the Wheaton community. A strong sense of unity was created when these women were called up to the stage, along with other alums, to close out the show with one last dance.

The room became alive with energy as the audience clapped, cheered and danced along in their seats. I believe this event truly speaks to the accepting and lively community at Wheaton. One in which, we can all be different in our own ways, yet still remain united. The women who started TRYBE had no idea how much the group would grow and how dance could affect so many lives in such a positive way.

“I think the reason we have a gala annually is because the audience reacts to positively.” TRYBE Captain Sumina Regmi ’21 commented. “The group provides a space for inclusivity and the Gala is part of our larger goal to try and bring the campus together.”

Here’s to many more years of expression through dance, love and unity.