Study Away in Boston

Every semester, students travel across the world to places like Spain, Ireland, Bhutan, and many more. But what about the students who cannot afford to go abroad, who don’t feel comfortable traveling that far, or who want a more local experience? For myself and others, the answer was the Semester in the City (SITC) program.

College for Social Innovation logo. Photo retrieved from

SITC is a semester-long program, in which students complete an internship, take two classes focused on the tools for social impact, all while earning the four standard credits. These classes challenged me in ways I never thought I needed to be, pushing us to network, to analyze businesses and to think about what social change really means to us in our own backyards. When I was first applying, I was intrigued not only by the courses and the internship, something most majors and minors require, but also by living in Boston.

During the program, you have full use of an apartment in the Allston area, right off the Harvard Avenue train stop. There is never a dull evening, as Allston is a booming restaurant area, and our apartments are a block away from the Brighton Music Hall. On top of all that, the Boston University campus is only a 15-minute train ride away! It is a huge difference from the solitude of the Wheaton bubble, and one that I miss every day.

All this, for less than the cost of Wheaton. You pay the standard Wheaton tuition, pay the room charge to the SITC program, and board costs are covered by a stipend that SITC provides you during your experience – not out of your pocket. It is truly a micro-experiment into adulthood, as you live in a real apartment with other students, cook for yourself, explore the city on your own time, and go to your internship like you would a nine to five job. It truly is a unique, life-changing experience.

Early applications are accepted until March 1, and the final deadline is April 1. To apply, visit the Semester in the City website, and fill out an application, along with providing your resume and two contacts for recommendations. Do you have questions? Contact me!