From the Editor

From the Editor

Hello readers! We are arriving in the third week of the semester and already I feel at least four months behind in my work. Thankfully we survived the storm without any outages thus far, and as I write this I hope the lights stay on so I can finish not only my readings, but also compiling the first issue of the year.

As I come into this year as the new Editor-in-Chief, I am excited to build on our existing platform and expand as a paper. In this age of digital abundance, it’s easy to get all our news from trending messages and flashing stories. What we pride ourselves on in the Wire, is providing a read on Wheaton itself to solidify stories, opinions, insight and hopefully engage with readers.

Coming into this year, as the rising editor, I dove in head first with about 50 percent of the knowledge I have now. With every new task and story, I’m constantly surprised and excited with where we are going this year. One off our main goals for the paper entering into this year, is to engage more with the campus to have a deeper grasp on what you as an audience want to hear. We hope to be more accessible from physical copies to phone notifications.

On the business side our previous Editor-in-Chief, Lucas Rosa, has left me with great advice to combat the storm of information, meetings, and logistics I would have to navigate. Thankfully this helped to curb the panic when we hit a few snags. Thankfully our staff and I managed to navigate lagging computer systems to a two week concern that we wouldn’t have physical pages to print on, and here we are!