Using images

All of the images that you upload to your site are stored in WordPress’s “Media Library.” Images are used in four different ways within your site:

  1. Place an image within the body of a story. These images can take up the full width of the page body (570px) or they can be smaller with the body text flowed around them. Smaller images work better when they are half or less than half the width of the body, so that the text column beside them is not too narrow–220px works well. The image can be aligned to the left or the right. (Please do not center your images–it looks like 1995.)
  2. Select an image as the “Featured Image” for the post. The featured image doesn’t appear in the page body. Instead, it is used to make the thumbnail image that appears next to the story’s title in listings and archives, for instance in the right-hand column on most pages or in the News archive page. Thumbnail images are created automatically from your original image. They are always square, by default they are cropped from the center of the original image if it is not square. You can adjust this cropping in the Media Library.
  3. Upload several images to a story and display them as an image gallery in the page. More info »
  4. If your story is appearing in the featured story slider at the top of the homepage, WordPress will try to find an image to place beside the title and excerpt. If the story has a “Featured Image,” it will be used. If not, WordPress will look for the first image in the body of the story. Either way, it will then crop the image to fit the standard shape used in the slider. So, if you want to control the image used in the slider, do your own cropping (in PhotoShop or whatever you have) to the exact size used in the slider (150px x 225px) and upload that as the “Featured Image.”