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An Introduction to SHAG!

You might have heard of the Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) as the group that gives out condoms and holds events with sex toy prizes, but we are so much more than that!

SHAG is a community open to people of all identities, working to foster an open dialogue about issues of sexual health on campus. We hold weekly meetings on many amazing topics, such as masturbation, healthy vs. toxic relationships, and even corsets. We are a judgment-free, sex-positive space, and we are here to answer any and all of your questions. 

Think of us as the sex education you wish you received in middle and high school! If you are on the fence about taking part in SHAG, here is what our executive board has to say…

Victor Trepanier ’21, SHAG’s Vice President said, “SHAG was the first student organization I joined on campus. Its drive towards inclusivity, friendly atmosphere, and low-pressure learning environment makes it constant fun. I am happy that we not only get to talk about sex without the taboo around it, but our topics can expand out to cover all sorts of things related to sexual health.”

Courtney Bodeen, SHAG’s Media Coordinator said, “SHAG is important to me because sex education at my high school was very limited and heteronormative, so being a part of a group that allows for other identities to be a part of the conversation is very rewarding. SHAG meetings also sometimes explore sexual health and relationships in more of a societal context, which is really interesting and makes for great enriching conversations.”

Elizabeth Eaton, SHAG’s Member-at-Large said, “SHAG is important to me because it provides a space for people to learn and discuss so many sexual health-related topics that were long regarded as taboo. SHAG helps to break the stigma and create a healthier, more educated campus. It’s also just a fun group of people who support you in speaking your mind and being who you truly are.”

Duncan Tharp, SHAG’s Secretary said, “I went to a middle school with a surprisingly good sexual education program, and while my peers either dreaded the class or made fun of it, I always looked forward to that class. It was so interesting! I love that SHAG is an environment where we can have discussions in a fun, safe, and productive manner.”

Charles Sykes, SHAG’s Senior Advisor said, “SHAG has been a very important part of my experience here at Wheaton. Through being part of this club I have been able to explore different interests, practice my public speaking, and meet new people!”

Samantha Billet, SHAG’s Treasurer said, “SHAG is important to me because everyone deserves comprehensive sex education and I want to be a part of helping people learn about these topics!”

If you would like to get more involved in SHAG, join us at our weekly meetings on Tuesday at 6 p.m. over Zoom at 

You can also follow us on Instagram @wheaton_shag for all of the latest news about events and meetings! For all other questions (sexual or not!) don’t hesitate to send an email to SHAG’s president, Rosie Hankes, at

Stay sexy, stay safe!