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The Importance of Creative Writing

Over time we begin to associate writing with school work. It becomes a chore and something we as students begin to dread. So we procrastinate and avoid the task at hand. However, there were once times when writing was a voluntary and fun activity. I remember in the days before my cell phone was always at an arm’s length away and when I would still use crayons and markers in class. These were the days when I would imagine stories of closet doors that lead to different worlds and astronauts that would encounter aliens. Then as I grew older, assignments piled up, and real-world responsibilities became more real and tasking. Since I was constantly told what to write and read, in my free time, I avoided them as much as possible. An activity I used to love and that used to not be something that I saw as negative, now seemed daunting.

Writing in your free time can have many benefits. To be able to think spontaneously and put your ideas on paper is really an amazing skill. Creative writing is not only a way of exploring different ideas and themes, but it is freeing to have no guidelines or restrictions to your own imagination. All you have are your ideas, the pen and a sheet of paper. Writing solely for yourself means no one can judge your writing and you are free to tell any story of your choosing. Whether it be writing stories, poetry, or even song lyrics, writing is a way of stimulating your imagination and allows for free artistic expression. Creative writing can also be a way to escape from the routine of busy lives. I encourage everyone to take some time to express their creativity through writing and remind themselves that writing can not only bring you joy, but also spread that fantasy to others.