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Ten-Minute Play Festival: A Review

This past weekend, students at Wheaton College put on an exciting and creative Ten-Minute Play Festival. Each play was a concise and original production, written, directed, and performed by students. The plays were written carefully and with a clear purpose, and the students only had one hour to direct and rehearsal before the big reveal. Even though this is not much time, the end product was wonderful. Even though the actors were reading from scripts, the audience barely noticed as each line and cue was executed with confidence.

I was very impressed with how well the actors knew the script and how fluidly they were able to perform. It was evident that the play writers had a specific vision and carried it out with ease. The plays varied in theme and wit and forced the audience to open their minds to different exciting and artistic expressions. They ranged from a humorous disclosure of a secret love affair, to a lurid twist on Greek mythology.

I have attended multiple art performances, of different sorts, on the Wheaton campus and each time have been pleasantly surprised by the unique approach. The students here are sure of their creative ability and do not hold back when presented with the opportunity to display it. Many of these events I have attended, including this play festival, have quite the turnout from fellow Wheaton students and local community members.

These artistic, original, and clever performances never disappoint and speak to talented minds at Wheaton. Even though these events are structured and planned, there is a certain creative freedom that the students have. They are allowed, and encouraged, to express themselves fully in any and all ways possible. This year’s play festival was yet another exploration and expression of imagination and brilliance.