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Don’t say no to dildos: a guide to sex toy shops in RI/MA

Bored with Wheaton hook-ups? In need for a little “me time” after midterm stress? Perfect your sex playlist and get ready to light some illegal candles because Providence and Boston areas are hosts to some of the best sex toy shops in the New England area.

Mister Sister Erotica is a queer owned, award-winning erotic boutique located in Fox Point, Providence. Mister Sister not only sells a variety of sex toys, BDSM accessories, educational books and material and “sexy gifts,” they are active supporters of sex positivity and are LGBTQ+ friendly. With the slogan “More Toys Than Devil Has Sinners” and with a whole room solely devoted to leather apparel, Mister Sister sells a wide variety of sex toys and accessories for reasonable prices. Although it is not the cheapest shop, the staff is very helpful and friendly. Mister Sister is open all week and hosts sex-positive events monthly.

Adam and Eve is another great shop with an extensive online catalog and is also stationed in Boston, with 62 other stores nationally. With free shipping deals and other regular sales, the shop is both affordable and high quality. Adam and Eve’s main retail sold are vibrators, including the famous Rabbit, and other sex toys, but they also sell bondage accessories, lingerie, lubes and oils. Or adult movies, if you’re from the 80s.

Good Vibrations is a sex toy shop in Brookline, MA that also has an online catalog and hosts events, some gender specific. Not only does the company provide basic sex toy essentials, but it also sells “gender expression and play” accessories, which allow transgender individuals to express whatever gender they feel represents themselves the best and most honestly.

Condomworld, located in Boston, specialize in condoms, lubricant, dildos and vibrators, including G-spot dildos and Rabbits. They also provide an online catalog with free discount coupons and are open seven days a week for easy access to sexual essentials. Condomworld also provides bachelorette party accessories, including a “Pecker” penis piñata, perfect for the day before your elopement or a lazy Saturday night spent at home.

More reputable sex toy shops and websites are available online to your viewing disposal.