Wheaton students leave their hearts on the rink at skate night

Last Saturday, September 12, Programming Council put on its semi-annual Roller Rink event in Haas Athletic Center. Students from every grade stopped by to eat and skate around with friends.

The leaders of Programming Council blasted “Dancing Queen” and various other quintessential disco songs. Haas was decorated with multi-colored, rotating lights that transformed the athletic center into a funky skating arena. Free pizza served as a “reward” for all those who ventured out on roller blades and dared to skate until they dropped. Students also participated in classic multi-player games such as Connect Four and ultimate frisbee. While the funky music encouraged students to skate and contributed to the 1970s and 1980s ambience, the best part of the night was everyone joking around and having a blast.

“I’ve never tried roller skating before, but I loved it! I hope PC hosts more events like this one,” said one anonymous student.

“I think I spent more time waddling around on my knees than actually skating, but that was the best part!” said another student who had just taken a tumble while skating.

If you missed the Roller Rink, don’t fret–Programming Council has many more exciting events planned for the fall semester. Upcoming events hosted by Programming Council include Fall Fest and the Halloween dance, both of which are guaranteed opportunities for a good time.