Welcoming Dean White, Wheaton’s new associate dean of students

The new Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct at Wheaton, Brandon White, is looking forward to working with students to resolve problems within the Wheaton community.

White works alongside Dean Kate, the vice president for student affairs, organizing community initiatives and assisting students with personal and academic situations. Specifically, White helps students and faculty members who are on medical leave or who are taking leaves of absence. He also plays an important role in matriculation by helping new students feel at home in their new environment.

As the Director of Student Conduct, White enforces the Wheaton Honor Code and encourages students to abide by Wheaton’s community standards. He addresses issues involving student misconduct, helping to resolve conflicts in the best ways possible.

White grew up in Antioch, Illinois, a small village near the Illinois-Wisconsin border. He received his B.A. in education from the University of Wisconsin and later earned his M.B.A. in higher education from the University of Kansas. White is still in school, taking online courses to earn his Ph.D. from New England College, a small liberal arts school in Henniker, New Hampshire.

When he is not working, White loves to fish and spend time with his fiancé. He devotes a lot of time to working on his doctorate on the topic of men and masculinity. He is further researching into the idea that many male athletes feel as though they have to wear a “mask” of masculinity to conform to societal ideals.

Before becoming a dean at Wheaton, White worked at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, where he served as the director of community standards. He wanted to try something new and decided to come to Wheaton, which he found to be similar to Stonehill’s campus.

This semester, White intends to change the way in which Wheaton addresses violations of the Honor Code. His main goal is to contextualize what faculty members are mandated to do in situations that involve student misconduct. His hope is to make Wheaton students more aware of what Wheaton’s policies are and to emphasize student input in situations that involve misconduct.

White is excited for the upcoming semester and hopes to get to know students on a personal level as well as become more involved in the Wheaton community. He encourages students in need of assistance to talk with him or one of the deans in Park Hall who offer support services every weekday.