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Oh you fancy, huh? Music Co-Op’s “Fanciest Show”

Despite freezing temperatures, Wheaton students crowded into Mary Lyon last Friday night dressed in formal attire for The Fanciest Show. Featuring a variety of bands and performers from the Wheaton music community, The Fanciest Show showcased the talents of the Wheaton Music Co-Op.

Students milled around and chatted casually as the evening kicked off, sampling delicious food such as pizza and chocolate cake provided at the event by AfterTaste. Solo act Matthew Goldstein ’17 started the evening off with well-known rock songs such as Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.” The show also featured a number of Wheaton fan favorites such as Electric Animal and Mike’s Bakery along with acts Brave Companions, Sepulchre and Faco Fuesday.

Part of what made the show so enjoyable was the musicians’ easy ability to connect with the attendees. The performers at The Fanciest Show knew their audience well, as they were performing for their friends and fans. There was a sense of familiarity and companionship between the musicians and the audience members, adding energy to the show. The musicians of Mike’s Bakery joked and chatted with the audience between songs and all of the musicians stuck around to watch each others bands perform.

The Wheaton Music Co-Op is responsible in part for this sense of comradery in the campus music community. The group aims to provide Wheaton’s musicians with a practice space and opportunities to work together. “I think it definitely brings a lot of students and groups together who may not play together regularly,” said Co-Op president Jordan Wolfe ’15. The bands who performed at the show exemplified this, with music styles ranging from death metal to classic rock. About what sort of atmosphere the groups aims for in its shows, Wolfe said, “I just want it to be something fun, not really exclusive or cliquey. Anyone can show up and have a good time.”