Computer Science House holds well-received alumni talk

On Saturday, April 11th, the Computer Science Theme House hosted their Alumni Talk in the Hindle Auditorium. This event invited recent alums to provide computer science students with some insight regarding career paths and higher education options after Wheaton.

Kamran Noorian ’17 said, “During college, many students try to forecast what their life path will be and where it will take them in the future. At times it is difficult to know which direction to pursue, as there are so many paths to explore. Some who majored in computer science were able to secure a job during their senior year and began working shortly after graduating from Wheaton. Others opted to further their education by attending graduate school.”

The six alums who attended were Francine Camacho ’14, Clayton Rieck ’14, Tri Nguyen ’14, Raul Gil ’12, José Uria Rosario ’12 and Claudia D’Adamo ’13. “All of the alumni provided great insight into their life after Wheaton. Each spoke about their typical day and how much time they spent coding on a regular basis,” said Noorian. “All of the Alumni stressed the importance of summer internships, which has helped bolster their resumes, and increased the likelihood of obtaining jobs with that company.”

He added that alums talked about how summer internships have allowed many to gain experience in a variety of areas within computer science. “As a result of these internships, many were able to determine if working in a particular area of computer science was something they would like to pursue or if it was not for them at all.”

Approximately 20 people attended the event and the response was said to be very positive. Regarding the event, Noorian said, “Students found the experiences that were shared by the alums provided valuable insight regarding job opportunities after Wheaton. It was evident that applying knowledge and experience from computer science classes and internships will be important when competing for a potential job.”

This is not the only event in that the Computer Science Theme House is planning, as it plans to hold a Binary BBQ on Saturday, April 25th. The event will be held in the house’s backyard from 1-4 p.m. For those who do not know, the Computer Science Theme House is located on Howard Street, next to the Center for Global Education.

Additionally, the Computer Science Theme House will be having a Red Chair Day event, which highlights minorities in Computer Science. This event will be held outside of Balfour-Hood on Friday, May 1st from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Said Noorian, “At this event we ask you to take a stand by sitting with us in a red chair.”