Student groups to import 1,000 condoms

In October, 1,000 Trojan condoms will arrive on the Wheaton campus. The Feminist Association of Wheaton (FAW) and the Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) were both chosen as winners of the Great American Condom Campaign, a project of the nonprofit Advocates for Youth. The goal of the campaign is to equip student groups with condoms so that they can educate their communities about safe sex.

“I’m really excited FAW was chosen,” said co-president Kate Gannon ’16. She said the condoms will further FAW’s “ongoing discussions around reproductive justice and freedom. Condoms can be very expensive, which means many people lack access to to safe sex supplies.”

Ivy Klein ’15, co-president of SHAG, was equally thrilled, noting that SHAG has made accessible condoms a priority in the past, and the reception of the new condoms will allow them to continue their work.

FAW and SHAG will be publicizing where to get the condoms once they arrive in October; but with 1,000 circulating campus, they should be hard to miss!