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Sex and the Dimple: Spring Weekend Sex

Well, it’s over. Spring Weekend, likely the catalyst for all kinds of sex, is ending. Some of it was pretty public (read: people streaking through Chapel Field) and hopefully some was gloriously private, or as private as college gets (read: paper thin walls).

Sex over Spring Weekend can be surprisingly hard to accomplish, largely because of all the other stuff you’re doing. Can’t stay in tonight. It’s Friday and Chiddy, not Chance the Rapper, is playing in Haas. (Actually, you could have skipped Chiddy. Wouldn’t have been missing much, and you could have had sex.)

Still, there were ample opportunities to get together. Haas was crowded, but you could see couples, including yours, finding the space they needed.

It’s Saturday, and no one’s going to that thing where you dance with headphones on so there’s no noise pollution. So you dance in other places, like theme houses. And there too, you could see the people coupling off.

SHAG was kind enough to stuff mailboxes with condoms before the weekend started, and people probably used them. Generally, it seemed that people found a way to get together despite everything else that was going on. Spring Weekend or no, students always find a way.