President’s house to be haunted this Halloween


The president’s house, previously host to stately dinners and receptions, will serve a new function this coming Halloween. President Dennis Hanno wants to make it haunted.

In an e-mail, Hanno sketched the outline of an event that would “bring the Wheaton and Norton communities together,” and transform the house, which was built in 1829, into a spooky attraction.

He has pitched the idea to students at least twice, first to the Student Government Association and later to the preceptors. In both cases he was met with an enthusiastic response, according to people present at both gatherings.

“I think it highlights the sincerity in his commitment to his becoming a true member of our community,” said dean’s intern Stephanie Raymond ’15, who was present when Hanno pitched the idea to preceptors. “He’s opening his house to students in a realm outside of academics that is creative and fun!”

There are no exact details, but Hanno will get input from SGA on how to transform the house, in the hopes that “their collective creativity and that of other students on campus can help to make this something really unique and appealing.” 

The president repeated several times that the haunted house will be a way to bring the Wheaton and Norton communities together.

That goal is shared by SGA President J.P. Carando ’15. The majority of Wheaton students rarely interact with Norton citizens, and many have long thought that relations between the school and the town could be improved. 

Overall, though, the event is meant to be fun for all. “Shouldn’t every child in Norton have a packet of Wheaton M&Ms in their Halloween collection? What better way to foster a good relationship with our neighbors!” the president said.