Wheaton’s most famous ghosts and their grisly ends

Wheaton College was founded in 1834 and since that time  has developed a supernatural lore that is close to the campus’s heart. Spooky tales of restless spirits have circulated over the years, growing and changing as time goes on. However, their presumed presence remains as real and fun as ever, especially in the days before Halloween.

Aunt Mary, one of Wheaton’s better-known supernatural guests, still supposedly haunts the stacks of the Wallace Memorial Library. She once worked at the college as a librarian before hanging herself in 1929. The fact of her death, however, continues to elude her.

Aunt Mary can continually be seen re-shelving books, and often secretly fiddles with the library’s computers and lighting. Wheaton archivist Zeph Stickney explained that Aunt Mary seems to have a  tiff with technology, and has been blamed for many technical difficulties.

Another unusual oddity concerning Aunt Mary’s haunt has been the fact that  Between Life and Death by Nathalie Sarraute is continuously taken off of the shelves. The book itself has not even been checked out since Sept. 27, 1994.

Eve, who haunts Everett Hall’s tower, is another Wheaton ghost, although the truth concerning her death has been lost over the years. She once attended Wheaton before it turned co-ed, and the earliest known story of her suggests that she hung herself in the tower. Once the college became co-ed in 1988, a boyfriend character was added to the story.

It is said that he killed her, but different stories offer different explanations as to how. Some say he strangled Eve as she tried to escape, while others imply that he accidentally pushed her down the stairs during an argument. Either way, Eve now wanders the fourth floor and has a penchant for tinkering with the lights, slamming doors, and swinging mirrors.

Michael is the most well known spirit in Mary Lyon Hall, and his tragic love story is touching. It is said that he fell in love with a young woman named Maryann, who was more wealthy than he was, and thus unreachable. Despite this, the two met in secret, until one day Maryann could not come, and Michael froze to death waiting for her in the snow. Sometimes, people in Mary Lyon Hall still hear Michael calling out for Maryann.

There are many other ghosts who have  haunted Wheaton’s history, although none as famous as Aunt Mary, Eve, and Michael. Embrace the supernatural side of Wheaton this week and give the three a quick hello.