SGA elections: Campbell ’14 elected President, will lead 2013/14 Exec Board

In front of an eager crowd in the Balfour-Hood Center on Thursday evening, Joseph Campbell ’14 was elected as 2013-2014 Wheaton College Student Government Association (SGA) President. The current SGA Treasurer will lead an almost entirely new SGA Executive Board next semester.

“I feel that my past three years in student government have truly prepared me for this,” Campbell said. “I’m very excited.”

Campbell cites transparency as the most important issue SGA will face next year, and plans to foster open and active dialogue between students and student government next year.

“It’s not enough that student government is taking what students want into consideration and having good conversations about it,” Campbell said. “It’s about tangible results for the students. I think it’s pretty safe to say that in order for students to be satisfied with their Wheaton experience and with what student government is working on, there need to be results they can see day to day, week to week and semester to semester.”

Campbell will work with 2013-14 SGA Vice President-elect Floriane Borel. Borel is currently serving as an SGA Senator-At-Large and has worked with Campbell in student government for the past three years.

“I’m very excited to work with Floriane,” Campbell said. “I’ve seen her do a lot of good work within student government, within ad hoc committees and as a Senator-At-        Large. Working with her will be very fun and, hopefully, lucrative for the campus at large.”

Next year, Campbell and Borel will be joined by SGA Treasurer-elect Daniel Rincon ’14, SGA Secretary-elect Coby Jones ’14, Intercultural Board Chair-elect Nicole Iwunze ’14, Programming Council Chair-elect Bailey McWilliams ’14, College Hearing Board Chair-elect Monica Vendituoli ’15 and current Educational Council Chair Felicia Stewart ’14 on the 2013-2014 SGA Executive Board.

To find out complete election results, visit the Wheaton College Student Government Association page on The Link, which will be updated once write-in votes are tallied.