New funding: Clubs react

Whether it’s switching your shampoo or your home, people are apprehensive about change. Well, folks, there have been some changes on campus this year, and the club funding policy is one of them.

What changes have been made? To summarize, each club is given $300, designated for events. With the new policy, the club treasurer need only fill out a single application if their club seeks more funding than the original $300. The old system required several applications for the same purpose. The Student Banker can then either approve or deny the application. Regardless, there is always an opportunity to reapply for funding.

In general, the new funding policy seems to have received a positive reaction from clubs. Jenna Tramonti ’15, who is the vice president of the dance group Tap Out Loud, is entering her third year as a Wheaton tapper. Tramonti said she thinks the new policy is fairer because “each club starts out with the same amount of money”. She explained how Tap Out Loud’s starting budget will help cover its many costs, which include purchasing and renting stage equipment, lighting and costumes. It will also cover the cost of advertising for their upcoming spring showcase.

A junior from the Middle East Club, Sara Maaiki ’15, explained how the new funding encourages clubs to plan more events on campus, stating that she thinks “the new policy is better” for her club.

Since the club funding policy is still new, it remains to be seen how many students (and clubs) will embrace it. However, many students are hopeful that the new policy will work out for everyone.

When asked about her opinion on the policy, Roula Giokas ’15, a member of The Alliance (LGTBQA) said, “I know that a lot of people are hesitant about change, and this is kind of a big one, but I think in the long run this is going to work really well for the clubs here.”